Winter Camping In Norway Is No Problem With Campervan

campervan winter camping

Do you wish to observe dancing northern lights in winter? What is a better way to wait for them to appear than waiting in a campervan?! Ski from a campervan to campervan during the day, enjoy a sauna in the evening and wait for the aurora in the night.

Winter camping in Norway

Our campervans

It was winter 2019 when our first winter guests booked the trip in February, the extremely cold month. Back then in Lofoten, we prepared a lot of extra blankets so the guests would feel comfortable in freezing temperatures inside the camper Marco.

Happily, the reality was the exact opposite – nothing extra needed. Only ordinary sleeping bags that we provide and heater on. Winter camping in Norway approved! Insulation works well and the heater can be quite strong, so there is no worry anymore about camping even in the lowest temperatures. 

All our campervans available in winter are insulated and have independent heaters to keep you warm. Also, for your safety, winter tires, some of them are even studded.


Winter camping in Norway might be a bit more adventurous than in summer. One needs to look for a spot before it gets dark, which is much earlier than in summer. On the other hand, it still has lots of benefits why you should try it out.

Tip: Looking for a campsite to have a hot shower? Visit campingnorge and use filters to search for winter campsites.

Winter adventures to do in Norway

Of course, summer might be the most comfortable for camping, but who wins in regard to adventures? Winter or summer?

Winter brings so many opportunities that you can’t experience in summer. Places are not crowded anymore, they belong only to you at the moment. Wait for aurora borealis to appear above your heads while waiting inside the heated campervan. Such a luxury! In the day it’s time to explore the white mountains around you. Park under the mountain and ski from-to campervan. Another thing you must do is dog sledging! Huskies love to run as a team – visit them and provide them with this pleasure.

winter camping in norway
Campervan Wolf waiting with the heater on

How your winter day might look like?

  1. Ski from campervan
    • you, who are a fan of ski touring in the high mountains and narrow columns 
    • you, who like cross country skiing and know tons of amazing routes
    • you, who put the snowshoes on and like to find the hidden gems in a Norwegian winter wonderland
  2. Prepare a delicious meal to gain energy and enjoy the mesmerizing view of yours
  3. Sauna time! No doubt it is the most favourite activity to relax your body and mind. Check out the best saunas in Norway!
  4. The northern lights hunt. Depends on how far you have managed to drive, but give it a try. Night sky observation is also special in no light-polluted environment you might be in with the camper for the night.
Camping under night sky in Skrim
Night sky in Telemark

Benzini Campers rental is located in Sandefjord, which is a great starting point to the mountains. You can arrive by car, train, bus or plane and we will pick you up. Together with campervan rental, we offer a ski-holder if you wish to go on a ski trip. The winter in Norway and especially in the campervan is a lifetime experience.