Norway On Budget – 5 rules to save money in Norway

norway on budget

Secret of travelling Norway on budget

Norway is an expensive country.  If it’s nevertheless on your wishlist and you are looking for an affordable way of travel, here comes our solution – campervan rental.

Norway has outlined as the second most expensive country in a study shared by Forbes with a 101.43 cost of living index. Using notoriously expensive New York City as a benchmark — with an index score of 100, you must admit we´re a super expensive country.“The study collected and analyzed data from various prior reports, … a wide range of living costs including transportation, clothing, accommodation, internet, utilities, groceries, taxis and eating out,” says Cecilia Rodriguez in Forbes.

Long story short, most of the people travelling abroad follow the same system. Fly – rent a car – book a hotel – dine out.  Let us give you an example (not professional research) made throughout Norway.

Costs when travelling Norway

norway on budget calculation

Stated examples are average expenses, our personal experience, from life in Norway. It depends on the location, time and effort to save money. It shows of course only the necessary needs, not other expenses connected to your road trip.

Imagine renting a car you move with, you sleep in & you cook in. Suddenly, two items from the shopping list are gone. Check out why to rent a campervan to travel Norway.

Travel Norway by campervan

Those four wheels of a campervan carry you, your accommodation and the kitchen to prepare your meals. It´s no doubt the campervan makes your trip easier, more flexible and more adventurous. Moreover, it saves you money. Our prices are not higher than ordinary car rental, but our offer brings so much more in it. 

Is it worth to travel with a campervan?

It has everything one needs when travelling

  • First of all, it gets you where you want to. It’s easy to drive and it fits the narrowest roads. Another advantage is the flexibility of staying at any place also overnight. It’s not RV, you are free to park anywhere*.
  • Thanks to insulated walls and diesel heater you will stay warm also in freezing winter.
  • The foldable bed is perfect for good sleep and may be used as a comfy sofa as well. Bedding is included of course.
  • Portable gas stove lets you cook your meal anywhere you wish to. There is all the needed kitchenware included.
  • Camping chairs and table let you chill outside with a view. No extra fee, it’s our standard.
  • We love our rooftop window that provides you not only with fresh air but chance to catch aurora while resting inside.
  • Things that rental company hardly rents, but we do. Extras such as hammock, tent, trekking poles, camera tripod, drone, guitar for symbolic price. 
  • In the end, there is one “but”. There is no toilet and shower (yet). The solution is as easy as that. Norway is full of campgrounds offering showers or nature is as rich as at least 450 000 lakes. 

*if not stated differently at the exact place

Not only youngsters but all of you who are looking for an affordable and adventurous way of travel. A campervan is suitable for youth, families and everybody open for the road trip.

Norway on a budget - must and musn't

1. Book low-cost flight

Book your flight in advance to catch the best prices. Low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or Wizzair often run special campaigns, offering flights for 5€ or so. The trick is usually the time of the flight (very early or very late) or the location. 

Oslo Torp airport is one of the airports that offer very cheap flight tickets. We are happy to say, that if you fly there, our campervan will wait for you in front of the arrival gate.  

2. Travel independently

Would you say that travelling by public transport was a better option? Sorry, but it’s not true. Trains and buses are very expensive and it’s not worth waiting for connections or the lack of flexibility. I’m honestly sorry to say that. To travel by train would be a much more ecological option, however, if you are looking for travelling Norway on a budget, it’s not your choice.

Book a car or better campervan instead.

Camping in the mountains

3. Wild camp

The right to roam free should be used and you can’t miss it when travelling Norway on budget. Whether you plan to sleep in a tent or rent a campervan, be aware, you can basically camp anywhere

If you are not so wild spirit, then try visiting campsites. They will offer you a spot to pitch a tent or a cabin for reasonable prices.

Remember, Norway can surprise you with all four seasons in one day, so think twice if the tent is your option number one.

4. Cook instead of eating out

Food can easily be the highest number in your expenses if you eat out. Basic sandwich costs around 6€ and the main course 25€ here in Norway. Glass of wine? 10€, please. 

Bring yourself a camping gas stove and buy gas cheaply here in Norway. If you rent a campervan with us, you don’t have to worry about anything. All kitchen essentials are included in the campervan.

Shopping for groceries is not so expensive. The basic supplies are really for reasonable prices. The lowest prices can be found in Rema 1000 and the best variety of products in Meny. However, the price difference is not so big. 

camping dishes

5. Don't buy alcohol

It’s incredibly expensive! Vinmonopolet is the only place to buy it, besides beer, that can be found in supermarkets as well. Check their official website and you can see that the cheapest red wine costs 89 kr, which is 8€.

If you land at the airport and have some spare time, try to compare the duty-free prices with those in Vinmonopolet. Can you find a difference? We couldn’t…

Many did it before you and you can do this budget-friendly adventure as well. I would say it’s better fun to travel by campervan and cook yourself, but it’s, of course, my personal point of view. 

If you have already visited your favourite places, discover them from a different angle this season! There are always hidden gems traveller must explore. Rent the campervan of your choice and start your Norwegian trip from Sandefjord or Oslo-Torp airport.

Rent your camper now!