How campervan rental became a passion

Benzini Campers is a team of two, Lenka & Vlado, who are passionate about everything they do for Benzini Campers.  The campervan rental was established in Lofoten Islands, Norway in 2019. At this time, there were only two other campervan rental companies in the area. It began as a little winter project of rebuilding a Ford Transit van into a little home on wheels. After renting out on several platforms, for those days it was not in use, Marco Polo, as it was named, became a star.

  • Another winter – another project. This time bigger, Citroen Jumpy later became known as Ganesh. This fellow was finished amid the first Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Benzini Campers has moved in search of sun and warmer weather to the southern part of Norway – Sandefjord. Here, Wolf was purchased in the summer of 2020.
  • Later that year, we got our hands on yet another Ford, which has proved to be very successful. Mozart was finished in February 2021. 
  • Summer 2021 enabled the entry of tourists once again, so other campervans Masaryk and Bob were purchased in June and Bonaparte in July.
  • The newest addition to our family is a campervan trailer Beluga.
  • Summer 2022 started with two new additions to our Norway campervan rental fleet. First an automatic Multivan Fargo and later an original VW California campervan which was named Gibsea. New ones in the family are also Lolita and Blue.

All prepared for following special years ahead when travelling with campervans is bound to become a huge success not only in Norway but all around the world. ​So don´t hesitate and rent from the best campervan rental in Norway to travel your dream country. 

Make It Better Place

All the climate problems, poverty, wars, pandemics etc. are, to put it mildly, an outcome of hatred and a craving for wealth and power. If there is no love and respect between everyone living on Earth, we will never reach the great goals set to preserve it. 

For each of our campervans rented, we are able to provide all the food you see in the picture for an animal shelter based in central Slovakia. For those, that share love. This is where YOU and your money help to make a difference. 

What we believe

  • We believe, that everyone should have a chance to travel. We started rental with a campervan Marco Polo, which is not luxurious by any means,  yet it offers a billion stars view from its bed. It’s a campervan for everyone who has the wish to go out, explore and step out of their comfort zone. 
  • We are happy to welcome families to our campervans. Our campervan rental offers campers for up to 5 people!
  • We believe, that the details make the difference. There is everything ready for our guests to jump in and embark on Norwegian roads with just a toothbrush in their backpack. What for us is just a detail, for the guest might be an experience-changing matter. 
  • We believe that communication is the key. We will always be there and find a common way with our customers.

What our guests say

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It was great fun and a great experience! Benzini made it easier for us to explore Norway in winter! An amazing adventure that we recommend to everyone. The owner, Vlado is super nice and gives many tips to those who are visiting Norway for the first time!😊😊😊
Chris D
Chris DRomania
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What an amazing experience! Incredibly helpful host, perfectly equipped camper. We did one of the itineraries from their website blog, and it was perfect for the 5 day-trip we took. Easy to drive and park everywhere, very good gas consumption. It's an older car, but it worked perfectly on the road. We rented Masaryk.
Bernadett K
Bernadett KHungary
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The perfect budget camper company in Southern Norway. Everything was great. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. All essential tools are provided. They are very flexible. Would highly recommend Benzini Campers’ cars for roadtrip lovers! Thanks for the unforgettable memories! 🙂

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