Would you like to become an influencer for Benzini Campers?

It’s always great to hear from people who like our concept and have Norway on their wish list! Some people pay for their dreams to come true, while others prefer to trade. Are you one of them? Keep reading! You are not the first one to get in touch with us, therefore we summed up all information that you or we might be wondering about. 

Who are you?

What makes you special? Is it the number of followers or rather their interaction with your profile? Your skills?

  • First of all, you should share a desire for nature and outdoor life!
  • The desire should be visible throughout your social media accounts. 
  • Your accounts should have a decent number of followers. Micro-influencers with an active audience and accurate profile are welcomed!
  • Followers are not everything. Are your people noticing you?
  • You should be active on your social media accounts daily, not just during the trip.
  • You know exactly what you want to get and give.
  • Last, but most important, you own a valid driving licence in the B category and you are comfortable driving a vehicle with manual transmission.

Application process

  1. Do you meet all the requirements? If yes, please proceed by filling up an application form, so we can get to know you. 
  2. We will contact you via email. Whether we see potential or not. We always answer. If you don’t get an answer for up to 3 days, send us a reminder.
  3. If we decide to cooperate, you will receive an influencer contract.
  4. You will receive your discount voucher to make a reservation. The value depends on what we have agreed on.

Application Form