We close for the winter months. Even though our season varies from year to year we are usually open from Easter until mid-October.

2024 – The last drop-off day is on the 3rd of October

2025 – Open from 1st of April until 1st of October

Our campervan rental base is located in Sandefjord city. However, you can choose from several pick-up points. We always come with the camper to you personally. This is how you can reach us at these pick-up points:

  1. Sandefjord – To get to Sandefjord from Oslo (and Oslo Gardemoen Airport), take a train R11 that departs every hour (the ride takes 1,5 h from Oslo or 2 hours from Gardemoen Airport). Search train: Oslo S (or Oslo Lufthavn) to Sandefjord Stasjon. Let us know your arrival time and we will wait at the train station for you.
  2. Oslo Torp Airport (TRF) is only 15 minutes drive from Sandefjord. We can pick you up for a fee of 500 NOK. This location is available only to those flying there.
    You can take a train or bus to Sandefjord to pick-up campervan with no extra fee.
  3. Oslo City Center – We can deliver the campervan there for a delivery fee of 2500 NOK (incl. VAT) /one way. The meeting point is Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, at the central station.

We do not deliver campervans to Oslo Gardemoen Airport (OSL). From there, you can take an 18 min long train ride to Oslo S (our meeting point).

Read more about our campervan rental locations.

The minimum rental period is 4 nights.

A valid category B driving licence is enough for all of our campervans.

In Norway, you can use a valid driving licence from any country for up to three months.

  • It must contain your picture and must be
  • readable in the Latin alphabet (the alphabet you are reading this text in now).
  • No digital DL from abroad are accepted.

Any extra driver older than 25 years old with a valid driving licence in the B category can drive the car too, for no extra cost.

On the day of pick-up, you must be min. 19 years old (25 for City Camper).

Drivers up to 25 yo are subject to a fee of 150 NOK (incl. VAT) per day.

Fill up the reservation form and proceed to checkout. Here, you can choose between:

  1. Full payment – pay the total amount of your rental
  2. Half payment – pay 50% now to secure your campervan and 50% no later than 2 weeks before your arrival
  3. Bank transfer – your booking is reserved for up to 2 hours when you have time to attach a proof of payment. If the reservation is not paid, your dates are not secured anymore after 2 hours.

Bank transfer ddetails:

COMPANY: Benzini Campers AS
BANK ACCOUNT IBAN: NO1424803588585
REFERENCE: Full name on the booking.

If you have the option to choose a currency, please choose Norwegian Krones so we avoid exchange rate differences. If not, we can take care of the differences later.

  • The amount of the security deposit depends on your chosen insurance package. Basic insurance – 10 000 NOK, Full insurance – 8000 NOK, Peace of mind insurance – 3000 NOK. (This may vary in different campervan categories).
  • Note that your liability might be higher than the security deposit. Find more details in Terms and Conditions.
  • The authorisation is done automatically or you receive a link for a manual online authorisation on the day of your arrival. 
  • The security deposit must be authorised upon pick-up. Please make sure you have enough funds on the card you made the reservation with.

Because the deposit is only authorised, not charged, you will not see an incoming amount from us after it’s refunded. 

The security deposit is not reservation holding deposit

Your cancellation has to be sent by email to booking@benzinicampers.com, together with your name and reservation number.

The amount that you get back depends on how many days prior to your arrival is cancellation made:

  • 30+ days – 100% of the total amount is refunded*
  • 15+ days – 50% of the total amount is refunded*
  • 15 days and less – no refund

* The transaction fee for online payment will not be refunded.

With the Peace of mind insurance package, you can change your dates up to 24 hours before check-in free of charge.

In the price stated is included everything one needs for a campervan road trip, so you can come only with a toothbrush and a light backpack.

Check out the specifications for each campervan. In general, it is the camper itself, basic insurance, unlimited mileage, extra driver, independent heater, bed/sofa, sleeping bag/duvet, gas stove, cooking equipment, fridge, USB charging ports, home cinema (in Ganesh), fire alarm and fire extinguisher. Custom-built campers have insulated walls and floor, roof window with an insect net and blinds, cosy lights…

Yes, every camper comes with basic insurance with a liability of 16.000 NOK. CDW (Collision damage waiver) is mandatory in Norway and it covers damage to the driver, passengers, other people’s vehicles and other people’s property.

You can purchase additional insurance, that will lower your self-risk. You can choose from 2 additional packages:

Basic insurance (0 NOK) 

Covers both damages to the vehicle (CDW) and damages to a third party.

  • 24/7 roadside assistance (liability 500 NOK)
  • Max liability is 16.000 NOK (20.000 NOK for VW California Exclusive) 
  • Security deposit authorised on the pick up day is 10.000 NOK

Full insurance (125 NOK/day)

This coverage option provides protection for both damages to the vehicle and damages to the third party.

  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Max liability is 8.000 NOK (12.000 NOK for VW California Exclusive)
  • Security deposit to authorise on the day of pick up is 8.000 NOK

Peace of mind (375 NOK/day) 

This coverage option provides protection for both damages to the vehicle and damages to the third party.

  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Free change of dates up to 24 hours before pick up
  • Max liability is 3.000 NOK (5.000 NOK for VW California Exclusive)
  • Security deposit to authorise on the day of pick up is 3.000 NOK


  • Any damage to vehicle, when in breach of a clause in Rental Agreement.
  • Damage due to gross negligence
  • Damage due to war, revolution, civil unrest or riots. 
  • Water damage to the vehicle. 
  • Holes burned into seats, carpets, or mats. 
  • Interior damages and damages to the camping parts of the Vehicle (awning, roof tent…)
  • Damage affecting only wheels, tires, suspension, batteries, glass (other than windows), radios, or loss by theft of parts of the vehicle and damage resulting from this. 
  • Damage caused by driving on rough roads to the vehicle’s transmission, drive and parts that are in or attached to the chassis. 
  • Damage resulting from driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice, unbridged rivers or streams and beaches.
  • For any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel.
  • Damages caused by the wind blowing up a door.
  • The cost to replace keys that have become damaged, lost, stolen, or locked inside the vehicle.
  • The cost to retrieve or recover the vehicle from any restricted area, submerged, bogged, trapped, or abandoned, unless caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Renter.
  • Any loss/damages/stolen personal belongings.

We will meet you personally for the pick-up and drop-off. Therefore it’s crucial to know when and where exactly you are coming.


  • Sandefjord city – train station
  • TRF Oslo Torp airport (not Gardemoen – OSL) – pick-up fee of 500 NOK/one way applies.  
  • Oslo city – delivery for a fee of 2500 NOK one way. The meeting location is Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel at the Central Station (Oslo S).

Time: Pick-up time starts at 14:00 and drop-off time is at the latest 11:00. If you have a specific request, let us know so we can see if we can arrange it.

Early pick-up or late drop-off: All our guests have the right to pick up the car from 14:00 and drop it off at the latest at 11:00. After securing this for others, we can agree on other time spots for you. Because of our unlimited mileage policy, an extra fee of 500 NOK applies.

You can combine only locations which are stated on our website. These are: Sandefjord, Torp Airport and Oslo city.

For example: you can pick up the campervan in Sandefjord and deliver it to Oslo. Delivery fee applies.

There is no mileage limit.

We set no limits on where you can and can not drive, however, you must inform us about driving abroad beforehand. We can not guarantee the same road assistance conditions abroad. 

Are you sure? Driving from Sandefjord/Oslo to Lofoten is like driving to Paris, except there are no highways. If you didn’t stop anywhere on the way, the journey would be 22 h or 1500 km or 3 days long one way.

We are located in the south and we focus on travelling the south of Norway. It makes no sense to rent from us to only drive to Lofoten. There are campervan rentals located up north.

When is Lofoten a good idea? Your booking is appropriately long for such a journey (around 19 days). You are exploring the whole of Norway and end up in Lofoten. Then we are jealous and want to actually join you. 🙂

All our campers are equipped with AUTO PASS electronic devices, so you have worry-free travel. You will only pay for what you use + 25% service fee.

The toll system operates online, and we will provide you with an overview of the tolls you have passed a few days after your drop-off. You will receive a copy, of course.

Have a look on our list of add-ons  and book any of them during the reservation process.

Is there something that you would like to add to our extras? Let us know, maybe we have it 😉

All children under 135 cm must have a specific car seat to travel by car in Norway.

Please contact us for the availability of the car child seat. We offer child seats for children weights 9-18 kg and 15-36 kg. None of them has ISOFIX. Note that it’s the driver who is responsible for the right child seat.

  • Britax Multi-Tech II-BX (9-18 kg)
  • Maxi Cosi Tobi (9-18 kg)
  • booster (15-36 kg)

Campervans with ISOFIX: Moby Dick, Golem, Wolf, Blueberry, Winston, Gibsea, Dante and others. We do not offer child seats with an ISOFIX function, however, you are welcome to bring yours.

Be aware it’s not possible to turn off the airbags in Marco Polo and Mozart and therefore those campervans are not recommended to travel with children shorter than 135 cm. The VW campervans don’t have the option either, however, they do have back seats where it’s safe for children. 

Message us if you have any questions about travelling with baby.

Return the campervan and extras in the same condition as you received them and pay nothing. Otherwise, the cleaning fee of 950 NOK (1250 NOK for VW California Exclusive, 1500 NOK for City Camper) will be added to your bill. 

Note that if you purchased the cleaning fee and you return the car in extremely bad condition, we might charge you extra for professional cleaning. It’s your responsibility to do the dishes and get rid of odours and extreme dirt.

*The cleaning fee is not refundable.

You can bring your pet partner with you. Remember, our campervans are compact-sized, so should be your pet. Please discuss this with us before booking.

Remember to deliver the campervan cleaned of all pet traces.

Yes! If you come to pick up a campervan in Sandefjord by car, you can leave it with us, on our private property.

Of course! We offer two itineraries that will lead you through the best places in Norway. You can add the itinerary to your booking in the 3rd step. 

  • Our campervans are compact, so should be your luggage. Hard suitcases are something that will limit your living space for the whole trip. If your luggage is big, there is nowhere where it will fit perfectly. Backpacks are highly recommended.
  • Distances in Norway are different than in the USA or Germany. In Norway, 150 km is a 4-hour journey. Don’t plan big, better focus on smaller areas.

During your trip

Despite throughout explanation of how parking works, we receive dozens of unpaid parking tickets. Please take your time and find out how the parking works. If the parking requires payment, you must always pay for it! Even though you don’t get a physical ticket, cameras and other electronic devices scan the car in the parking lot.

The fine for unpaid parking is usually 660 NOK. Should you get one, we charge you the fine plus a 25% transaction fee.

In the event of engine failure, call the campervan rental: +47 463 708 64

In Norway, you can camp wherever you want to. Check out more info about the right to roam free.

There are over 1000 camping grounds in Norway but in general, you can park your camper anywhere alongside a public road in uncultivated areas for one night – as long as it’s not expressly forbidden – look for road signs. The area you park in must be safely out of reach of passing motorists and not a hindrance for others. You can also download the “park4free” app which is very useful. 

Many of the camping grounds will let you take shower for a small charge. Also, some petrol stations have showers. Public swimming pools with saunas are never a bad choice. Otherwise, a beautiful crystal clear lake is never too far. 

The water tank can be refilled at most gas stations. There are usually water hoses and the water is drinkable. There are also many public toilets with water refills usually by beaches, tourist areas, camping spots or National Tourist Routes.

All our campers run on DIESEL.

Never use avgiftsfri (taxfree)  diesel which is for trucks and tractors. The use of it is even illegal. 

Yes! There is a cigarette socket for plugging your USB cables or our voltage converter (find in extras) while driving. In the sleeping area, there are several USB sockets. 

For faster charging and laptop charging you can rent a voltage converter

You can, but you have to always agree on this beforehand. Insurance might be limited or not valid at all. Don’t take unnecessary risk. 

Norway is huge and we recommend choosing one part to discover. You can find inspiration on our blog or on Visit Norway

You can purchase our Itinerary to visit the best places in Norway.