Terms & Conditions Benzini Campers 


  • The Car Rental Company – the car rental company is Benzini Campers AS 
  • The Renter – the person stated on the front page of the Agreement, who received the Vehicle for use from the Car Rental Company
  •  The Vehicle – Any car, or camper, rented out by the Car Rental Company
  •  The Agreement – the rental agreement concluded between the Car Rental
    Company and the Renter, which consists of the present Terms and Conditions


  • Only the Renter and/or other persons who were included in the Agreement by the Car Rental Company as additional drivers are allowed to drive the vehicle
  • The driver must be 19 years of age or more on the day of signing the rental contract.  (Young driver fee of 150 NOK/day is applied if the driver is 25 and younger)
  • The driver must show an unrestricted driving license which allows him to operate the Vehicle
  • Driving the vehicle is prohibited for the person (including the Renter):
    • who does not comply with the requirements established by the Car Rental
    • who is under influence of alcoholic, narcotic or other substances, which
      impede consciousness and delay reaction
    • who holds a learner’s permit or a probationary license
  • All insurance cover will be terminated if any of the above terms are breached
  • The Renter is responsible for prudent use and careful driving of the Vehicle, and
    he or she undertakes to use the Vehicle only according to its designated purposes. The Car Rental Company reserves the right to return the Vehicle into its direct possession at any time, if the Renter does not perform the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, without a refund.
  • If the Renter wants to travel outside Norway, this has to be agreed upon by The Car Rental Company, due to insurance and road assistance
  • The Car Rental Company is not responsible for the disappearance or damage to property that The Renter or any other party leaves in the vehicle
  • At the time of hiring the vehicle, the Renter is responsible for compliance with all traffic and legal regulations for which the Renter is fully liable for the entire length of the rental of the vehicle.
  • Benzini Campers reserves the right to cancel and refund any extras such as paddleboards, Oslo city delivery/drop off, tent, etc.. These are subject to availability. 

It is forbidden to use the Vehicle:

  • for transport of more people than permitted in the registration certificate or technical specification of the vehicle
  • for driving in off-road conditions or on roads that are not designated for the vehicle
  • on unsealed (dirt or gravel) roads, or beaches. Travel on these roads voids all damage protection cover. The Renter will be liable for all damage caused by travelling on unsealed (dirt or gravel) roads.
  • The Car Rental Company does not provide any road assistance or repairs when the vehicle is on an unsealed road, this is the Renter’s responsibility entirely to arrange their own assistance
  • Inside the Vehicle is strictly non-smoking. A fine of 2000 NOK will be charged upon breaching this prohibition.


  • The Car Rental Company transfer the vehicle to the Renter in an operating condition together with documents required for driving
  • The Renter undertakes to return the vehicle to the Car Rental Company in the place, on the date and at the clock time stated in the Agreement
  • The vehicle will be delivered in a clean condition to the Renter, who agrees to forfeit a cleaning fee of 750 NOK should the vehicle not be returned to the Car Rental Company in the same clean condition.
  • The Vehicle is agreed to be returned with a full fuel tank to the Car Rental Company. Should this condition be not met, the Car Rental Company is authorized to charge the Renter for refuelling the Vehicle
  • The Renter will be responsible for the cost of replacing keys which are lost or broken, or for the retrieval of keys locked in a vehicle
  • Check-in time is the time from which the vehicle can be picked up. Check-out time is the latest time the vehicle has to be returned. Other times are possible upon previous agreement with the rental company.
  • Failure to deliver the vehicle on the agreed checkout time would result in an extra charge.
  • If weather conditions, darkness, place and/or time of the return of the Vehicle do not allow the Car Rental Company to discover the loss of parts of the Vehicle, and/or damage caused to the Vehicle and/or to its parts during the period of rent, or if it is harder to make such discovery due to dirty condition of the Vehicle, location of the damage and/or initial location of the missing parts, the Car Rental Company has the right to demand from the Renter reimbursement of the damage also if such damage is discovered only after acceptance of return the Vehicle. The Car Rental Company has the right to demand reimbursement of only such damage which was discovered not later than within 72 hours after acceptance of the Vehicle, under the condition that during that time the Vehicle was not already rented to another person.
  • The Rental Company does not refund any lost bookings (flights, activities, ferries etc.) if those were lost due to the Vehicle failure


All vehicles of the Car Rental Company have Compulsory Third Party insurance coverage. CDW (Basic Insurance) is mandatory in Norway and covers damage to the driver, passengers, other people’s vehicles and other people’s property. 

  • INSURANCE doesn’t cover:
    • Damage due to gross negligence, 
    • Damage due to war, revolution, civil unrest or riots. 
    • Water damage to the vehicle. 
    • Holes burned into seats, carpets, or mats. 
    • Damage affecting only wheels, tires, suspension, batteries, glass (other than windows), radios, or loss by theft of parts of the vehicle and damage resulting from this. 
    • Damage caused by driving on rough roads to the vehicle’s transmission, drive and parts that are in or attached to the chassis. 
    • Damage resulting from driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice, unbridged rivers or streams and beaches. 
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT – Upon picking up your camper, the security deposit must be authorised on your card. The amount of the security deposit depends on the type of your chosen insurance. The deposit will be refunded within 10 days after the return of the Vehicle in the same condition as on the pick-up. If any additional costs have to be withheld, the remaining amount will be returned after the incident is cleared. Additional costs to your rental are all expected and unexpected costs and charges during the rental period including damages, repairs, road tolls, parking tickets or speeding tickets.

In addition to Basic insurance, the Renter can purchase Full insurance or Peace Of Mind Insurance:

Basic Insurance: 

Basic insurance has a self-risk of 10.000,- NOK. The Renter is liable for the cost of damage to the vehicle or third-party property damage up to 10.000,- NOK. Covers both damages to the vehicle (CDW) and damages to a third party. This option comes with 24/7 roadside assistance (liability 500 NOK).

Full Insurance:

The Renter can purchase this additional insurance (waiver). This coverage option provides protection for both damages to the vehicle (CDW) and damages to a third party. This option also comes with free 24/7 roadside assistance. Your liability is a max of 5.000 NOK per incident.

Peace Of Mind Insurance:

The Renter can purchase this additional insurance (waiver). In addition to full coverage, you get free 24/7 road assistance and free change of dates up to 24 hours before check-in. Your liability is a max of 1500 NOK per incident. 


  • The vehicle rental must be paid by card or via bank transfer. All prices are in NOK (Norwegian Krone) and the payment must be done in Norwegian Krone.
  • Should the Renter choose payment via bank transfer whose bank does not offer currency options, the Renter is responsible for exchange rate differences and has to pay the difference.
  • The Car Rental Company has the right to charge Renter’s card to cover his or her toll roads, speeding tickets, parking tickets or any other extra expenses caused by the Renter
  • ROAD TOLLS – All our campers are equipped with AUTO PASS electronic devices, so you can have a worry-free travel. With these, you only pay for what you use. Several days after your trip, the total cost + 25% (transaction fee) will be charged.


  • A cancellation has to be sent by email to booking@benzinicampers.com
  • The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the date of cancellation
    • If the booking is cancelled 50 days or more before the start of the rental period, the full amount will be refunded (excluded the 3rd party transaction fee)
    • If the booking is cancelled within 24 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the cost of the booking will be refunded (excluded the 3rd party transaction fee)
    • If the booking is cancelled within 14 days before the start of the rental period, 25% of the total cost of the booking will be refunded (excluded the 3rd party transaction fee)
    • If the booking is cancelled less than 14 days before the start of the rental period, there will be no refund
  • The Car Rental Company can cancel any reservation/booking in case of overbooking or any other reason. In this case, the full amount will be refunded without any additional costs or fees.


  • The Renter undertakes to immediately inform the Car Rental Company via
    telephone of any traffic accident, accident, theft or damage to the Vehicle and/or its
    parts, and/or of any other incident that happened to the Vehicle
  • The Renter undertakes to record the names, telephone numbers and addresses of
    participants in the incident and witnesses of the incident
  • The Renter undertakes to cooperate with the Car Rental Company, its insurers and law enforcement authorities in the course of investigation and resolution of legal issues arising from a traffic accident, theft and/or act of vandalism.
  • In the event of failure or malfunction of the main parts of the Vehicle and its parts, the Renter will immediately contact the Car Rental Company and will follow its instructions. The Car Rental Company shall take all necessary steps to remedy these defects.
  • Please read the description of our campers carefully on the website. Most of our vehicles are older cars with plenty of mileage, some of them over 300k km. We do however maintain them regularly and keep them up to the safety standards. 


  • By signing the Agreement the Renter allows the Car Rental Company to use his or her personal data, and to store and process the data arising from the Agreement according to the needs of the Car Rental Company, which include statistical analysis, solvency checks and protection of property of the Car Rental Company.
  • By signing this Agreement, the Renter confirms that he/she read and accepted the Car Rental Company’s terms and conditions.
  • Confirmation, by checking the box on Benzini Campers website, when making a reservation, is also considered consent.