Explore the world in Norway

Explore the world in Norway

We have a tendency to explore foreign countries and not ours, a tendency to seek what we don´t have and others do and that creates a huge touristic circle around the world. Maybe it’s time to discover the world in your homeland!

Should we say Italy, you immediately imagine Venice or leaning Tower of Pisa. Should we say the USA and there is Grand Canyon in front of your eyes. Should we say Norway, people see huge fjords, Trolltunga, rocky mountains rising from a sea, Preikestolen, glaciers, countless lakes or even northern lights

panoramatic view of Lofoten mountains and lakes
View from Munken (Lofoten)

Hawaiian beaches in Lofoten

Crystal-clear turquoise water, white-sand beaches, fascinating mountains rising right from a sea – are we in Hawaii yet? Luckily you are only 2 000 km from Oslo, in Lofoten islands, paradise above the polar circle. The water temperature is not even close to Hawaiian, but views may be better than theirs. It’s you, sitting right in front of your Benzini´s camper, parked by the beach and enjoying the warm midnight sun.

The most popular beach Kvalvika is rather a small hike than a park-by beach. There are many other Lofoten beaches you can drive to. One of them is Unstad, a popular surfing spot. Camping welcoming beaches are definitely Gimsøy or Eggum. 

comparison of hawaiian and norwegian beaches

Italian Via Ferrata in Loen

Via Ferrata has its origins in the Alps where it has prevented exposed mountain paths for centuries. Today, the term is used in most countries and languages to define paths secured by ladders, steel cables or rungs fixed to the rock to which climbers affix with their harness.

You can find Via Ferrata everywhere in the world, Norway not excluding. While you travel Norwegian fjords you will most likely arrive to Loen. The small village is a great starting point to popular Lovatnet lake, Jostedalsbreen NP, Skåla mountain, Briksdal glacier and mainly to Via Ferrata up to Mt. Hoven (1011 m.a.s.l.).

via ferrata in Loen

Portuguese waves in Unstad beach

Surfing paradise above the Arctic Circle doesn´t sound to go hand in hand for you? Then we must ensure you, that waves up there in Lofoten are the best of the northern ones.

“The darkness, snow and northern lights create a truly special atmosphere in winter. Naturally, summer is the peak season with all kinds of tourists, but I think it’s much cooler to surf in Lofoten in winter. It’s a bit ‘crisper,’ you could say. On the other hand, thanks to the midnight sun you can surf around the clock in summer,” Olsen says for Scandinavian Traveler

The high surfing season is during the winter months, however, summer brings great waves for the beginners and intermediate surfers. The parking lot is right next to the beach where you can use your right to roam and sleep in the camper. 

surfing at Unstad beach, Lofoten

Icelandic Seljalandsfoss as Steinsdalsfossen

Have you dreamed of walking dry behind the Icelandic waterfall Seljalandsfoss? Well, the Norwegian one is as great as his brother on the distant island. Steindalsfossen is situated in Hardanger, which is one of the National Scenic Routes. Hardanger is popular thanks to many large waterfalls: Steinsdalsfossen, Vøringsfossen, Skjervefossen, Låtefoss and Furebergfossen.

Moreover, the region is rich on fruit trees which create a spectacular atmosphere when they blossom, the beautiful smell when they mature and delicious taste after all. When you travel Norwegian coastline by campervan, you can stop by the road and buy fruit from local farmers.

walk behind a waterfall in norwegian fjords

Enjoy your holiday in Norway because it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you find any other places that remind you of the similar ones abroad, let us know about them.