How To Make Western Norway Road Trip In 4 Days

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Western Norway road trip by campervan

Many of you come to rent a campervan for only a limited time period. Even in a few days, you can see beautiful places and reach Western Norway’s fjords and glaciers with a campervan. To make it easier for you, we embarked on a four-day road trip to provide you with a detailed itinerary. We made the trip in four days, however, I’ll share more places to see with the possibility of prolonging your trip.

As our campervans are located in Sandefjord, the trip started from there. You can also choose to rent a campervan from Oslo, we will deliver it to you.

Our first stop was Dagali, where we visited our friends. Dagali is known for various adrenaline activities, such as rafting, canyoning or even go-kart and paintball. You can spend a day here if you like these kinds of activities. 

Tip: We bought the best bread in Norway in Geilo, in Á Tartiner Bakery.
western norway road trip

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We entered the Vestlandet region with a breathtaking view of the Auralandsfjord, the shoulder of the biggest fjord in Norway – Sognefjord.

The little village of Auralandsvangen was bathing in warm spring sun rays. It was great to sit down on a bench and enjoy the calmness of the place. We could hear a strong waterfall on the other side of the fjord.

If you want to have a closer look at distant places on the fjord or lake, rent paddleboards and have views like no one else.

Close by, in the harbour, is a boat stop that offers ferry rides to Nærøyfjorden. Use the opportunity to see the narrow, wild and most beautiful arm of Sognefjord which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Village Auralandsvangen


To experience a bird’s view over the fjord, ride up to the Stegastein viewpoint. The road is very narrow and has seven hairpin turns. From there, you can go back down and ride through the longest road tunnel in the world – the Lærdal tunnel (24,5 km).

The second option is to continue from the viewpoint via the Auralandsfjellet National Tourist Route towards Lærdalsøyri.

Auralandsfjellet is, however, closed usually from mid-October to the beginning of June. We didn’t have the two options because it was covered with snow and served for ski touring in March. 

lookout platform to sognefjord
Stegastein lookout
view on Sognefjord

Flåm - Otternes

Flåm is a little town lying at the end of the Auralandsfjord and can’t be missed on a Western Norway road trip. It is known thanks to the Flåm railway, which is the most spectacular train ride in Norway and according to Lonely Planet, one of the best ones in the whole world!

🚲 You can rent a bike and ride through the Flåm Valley, side by side with the train. My advice is to ride the train from Flåm to Myrdal and ride back on the bike. ❗This adventurous experience is possible when the road is cleared of snow. The bike rental therefore opens in Jun and shuts down in mid-October.

On the way back from Flåm towards Auralandsvangen, stop by Otternes Bygdetun, old farmhouses, overlooking the fjord from above. It lies right by the main road.

old farmhouses in Otternes
Old houses in Otternes Bygdetun


Lærdalsøyri was our second spot for the night, after Dagali. With the help of the park4night app, we found our place instantly. We slept by the road that comes from Aurandsfjellet. Because it was closed, there was no traffic noise.

Thanks to the right to roam, one can spend a night almost wherever he likes.

The little town has endless hiking opportunities that we, unfortunately, didn’t use during our trip. We took a morning walk through the sleeping town and took some nice pictures of wooden houses in the centre.

From Lærdalsøyri, drive through a tunnel to embark on a ferry that leads to another tunnel.

houses mirroring on water
Centre of Lærdalsøyri
chill in campervan
Good morning by the fjord
breakfast outdoor
Breakfast in Kaupanger

After a short ride, you will see a village called Kaupanger. We found it a perfect place to enjoy our breakfast. There is a nice wooden church or Sognefjord museum to be seen.

Continue the spectacular ride further towards Bøyabreen glacier. Stop at a rest point to have a last look at part of the Sognefjord, an arm called Fjærlandsfjord

Tip: There is a floating sauna in Fjærland. Check out our list of the best saunas in Norway.

Jump back into the camper for a few minutes. Will your next stop be a glacier museum? It’s definitely interesting to see parts of a glacier and learn how it grows and decreases. 

Bøyabreen glacier

Bøyabreen Glacier lies only a 10-minute ride from the museum. As you may have learned, it is part of the biggest glacier in continental Europe, Jostedalsbreen.

Bøyabreen is easily visible from the road. There is a restaurant open in the summer from which you can enjoy the view of the glacier. The views along the road are so spectacular, that it’s hard to stay focused on driving. 

Bøyabreen glacier in spring
Bøyabreen glacier still covered by snow in April

One and a half hours away, we visit Innvikfjorden. It may be not so popular, but villages Loen and Stryn will for sure sound familiar to you.

I found this fjord a bit boring after what we have seen in Sognefjorden. The mountains are not so high anymore. When we reached Loen, it was raining and the mountain with the skylift was covered in fog. Maybe this affected my opinion of the place. 

Tip: If you liked the glacier before, you might want to take a trip to the Briksdalsbreen glacier too.


Lovatnet Lake was our spot for the night. As we expected, there were “no camping” signs everywhere and one can park the campervan (almost) only at the campsites. At this location, it’s absolutely worth paying for the campsite, because they are right on the beach. Jump to the lake right from the campervan’s bed in the morning. And the views! We recommend Helset camping.

I wrote almost because, at the end of the lake, we managed to find one place without the sign. It was a resting area with a picnic table and we shared the spot with another campervan that night.

Besides crystal clear water in the lake, idyllic boat and the Instagram-favourite half-sunk pier, one can also visit Breng Seter, another old farmhouses, great for pictures.

view from campervan on Lovatnet lake
Camping by Lovatnet

Stretch your legs after days of driving and hike to Mount Skåla, which is located in the Jostedalsbreen National Park. If you are not a hiking fan but want to have a view from above, take the skylift to Mount Hoven.

Tip: Loen is the place where you will find the popular Via Ferrata and Skylift


Stryn Village is only a 20-minute ride from Lovatnet Lake. If you haven’t heard about this place before, it’s a village with a meandering river that looks amazing in drone pictures. Another must-see place on a Western Norway road trip.

We took a short walk from church to viewpoint Skuten to get a decent view of the river. 

view on river in Stryn
View from Skuten on Stryn

If you wish to take a natural shower, right after Hjelle village lies a Glomnefossen waterfall. Maybe you want to hike for a view to Segestad (314 moh) first and take a shower afterwards?

Tip: In the summer (mid-June to mid-September), you can drive through the National Scenic Route Gamle Strynefjellet. There is a summer ski resort!


Now it’s time to decide if you want to visit the most popular Geirangerfjord. Our choice was made by nature since the road was closed for winter. If you pay a visit to Geiranger, consider prolonging the trip for more days. It would be a shame to leave it immediately after coming, right?

Here you can drive up to the Ørnesvingen viewpoint or find yourself an interesting hiking path. I would definitely choose to hike to an old farm called Skageflå, from where one can see the waterfall Seven Sisters. Remember, you must take a boat (or kayak) to get to the starting point. Another option is to start the hike from Homlong and return the same way.

Tip: Visit Geiranger Sjokolade Fjordnær to taste a local chocolate.


Get back on road number 15 and continue towards Lom, where the popular Lom Stave church is located. You can find many stave churches in Norway, but this one is really beautiful and nicely preserved.

If you take the first exit on the roundabout, you will find yourself on the way towards the highest mountain in Norway, Galdhøpiggen and in a direction to the Sognefjorden. This time, there is no time for it, but you can read more about the hike to Galdhøpiggen for your next visit.

Lom stave church in spring
Stave church in Lom


The journey on road 15 continues until village Randen, where we turn toward Valdresflye. This road also belongs on the National Tourist Roads list and we haven’t doubted it once. It is spectacular from the start to the end. The experience was even better in March because of the high snow walls surrounding the main road.

The road was closed the whole winter and opened at the end of March when the snow was cleared from the road. There were 2-meter-high snow walls along the road. When we “climbed” it, we found an endless snow playground. People were on cross-country skis, ski-mountaineering, snowkiting, sunbathing… You only must choose which activity you want to do.

winter camping in campervan
Morning view in Jotunheimen
snow walls

We split up, while one went on a small hike, the other one chose cross country skiing. Here we found a spot for night by Bessheim Fjellstue. One can choose from a hotel, camping ground and simple parking lot suitable for a campervan. Because we didn’t need any extra service that night, we parked on the lot for about 60kr, where toilets were available for us.


This ridge is a must-see for everyone! Because we hiked it before and there was still snow on it, we just took a short break by Lake Gjende in Gjendesheim, where the hike starts. The lake was still covered by ice and snow, so people were still skiing on it. 

To hike Besseggen, you will most likely want to take a ferry at some point. I wrote more about what is the best way to hike Besseggen on our blog.

If you wish to spend more time in Jotunheimen, in the home of giants, there is a lot to see and hike. Even though Jotunheimen National Park offers many peaks that rise above 2000 moh, everyone can find a suitable one. Here are four hikes in Jotunheimen described in full detail. 

man sitting under bessegen
Chill in Gjendesheim

Jotunheimen National Park was our last stop, however, you can find other interesting places further along the road. One of them might be a Twist Gallery close to Hønefoss. It all depends on the time you have. One can spend much more time at all the places mentioned.

I hope this itinerary helped you to plan your short, but intensive Western Norway road trip with a campervan!

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