Is Norway Campervan Friendly?

is norway campervan friendly

What makes Norway the most campervan-friendly country in the world?

Norway has been a dream destination for travellers seeking nature’s beauty for a long time. Actually, tourism to Norway started in the 1820s’ when there were no hotels and campervans were mere figments of imagination.

Since those early days, Norway has undergone a remarkable transformation and is well-prepared for travellers of any kind. However, those with a spirit of adventure and a love for the open road will definitely find a positive answer to the question “Is Norway campervan friendly country?” 

Let’s have a look at what sets Norway apart as the best country to rent a campervan in.

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Camping Culture in Norway

First things first, camping life is deeply ingrained in Norwegian culture. Norwegians have a strong affinity for the outdoors and are known for their love of hiking, skiing, picking berries and embracing nature in any possible way. 


⛺ People try to be as close to nature as possible and therefore it’s very common to own or rent a hut, boat, RV or campervan in Norway. As a result, the infrastructure supporting campervan-friendly travel is well-developed and accommodating.

Campervan Hire in Norway

🚐 For those who don’t own a campervan, or are not willing to drive their own campervan for thousands of kilometres, Norway is well-prepared to host thousands of travellers each year, offering many options. 


It’s no secret that Norway is a campervan-friendly country and thanks to this potential you can easily find a campervan rental company at every corner. The main campervan rental locations are in the Oslo area (serving the south) and Tromsø (serving the north), however, small rental companies keep popping up in other cities like Stavanger, Bergen, Bødo, Svolvær and so on.


Most of the campervan rentals will generously offer unlimited mileage, basic insurance and all necessary equipment included in the rental price. We, at Benzini Campers, are looking forward to accommodate all happy travellers, whether they’re couples, friends, families or even pets. 🐶 Check out our offer of Volkswagen Campervans and Custom-built Camper models.

Campervan-Friendly Infrastructure


Norway boasts an extensive network of campsites making it exceptionally convenient for those opting for campervan hire. Did you know there are over 1000 camping sites in Norway?


🚿🧼💦 These sites usually offer essential amenities such as electricity hookups, free wi-fi, bathrooms, waste disposal facilities, fresh water supply, laundry, shared kitchens and even swimming pools or playgrounds.


Moreover, if you choose carefully, you may find campsites strategically located amidst breathtaking scenery, at the shores of majestic fjords or under the glaciers, providing the perfect backdrop for a night under the stars. ✨ 


🔍 Become part of a great camping community on park4night (Google Play, App Store) that shares their experience from both campsites and wild camping spots.

campervan camping by Nærøyfjord
Bakka Camping

Wild camping

The best spots for the night are those in the heart of nature, away from the light pollution where millions of stars or even aurora borealis may spark up your night.


There are not many countries in the world left that would allow you to wild camp, however, Norway is one of the few that supports close contact with nature.


🏞️🚐🌲 The right to roam free has been in Norway’s Outdoor Recreation Act since 1957. This amazing privilege allows you to camp in nature following basic rules for responsible camping. We wrote a blog summing up everything you need to know about wild camping in Norway.

Campervan rental Norway
Camping under the northern lights


From a pure love for nature, Norway established 18 National Scenic Routes that will lead you through the most beautiful sceneries while driving your campervan. This initiative not only assists in crafting an ideal itinerary 🗺️ but also offers ideal rest stops along your extensive road trip.


🎨 Since the introduction of the project 30 years ago, the routes have been constantly enriched by architectural masterpieces. Most of these artworks have functional character and that’s why you can find the most beautiful 🚾 public toilets in the world right here in Norway!


Campervan-friendly rest stops are plentiful across the country, not limited to the Scenic Routes only. Each stop guarantees access to toilets, while some may offer extra amenities like fresh water supply, wastewater disposal, or even shower facilities. These are also listed in the park4night app.

Navigating Norway with Campervan

🏞 While Norway’s rugged terrain may seem daunting at first glance, it enhances the campervan hire experience. Although even short distances take quite a long time, the reward is that you can’t take a wrong turn when travelling in Norway! Anywhere your campervan drives you, nature will take your breath away. There’s no better place for a campervan road trip.


The road infrastructure is perfectly organised to get you to and through all the stunning mountains, fjords and glaciers. The country’s well-maintained roads wind through spectacular landscapes while ⛴️ ferries significantly shorten your driving time and offer sightseeing cruises at the same time. 

mountain road winding
National Scenic Route Trollstigen

Enjoying all the beauty from the campervan seat is very convenient as you will rarely drive over the maximum speed limit of 80 km/h. Everyone drives slowly and carefully, so even less experienced drivers will feel comfortable on the road.


🎯 Don’t rush in Norway and plan short distances for your days there. If you feel overwhelmed by planning, take advantage of our itineraries, uniquely planned for campervan road trips.


At this point, we would like to emphasise that Norwegian roads are more campervan-friendly than RV-friendly. Some of the most beautiful rides will navigate you to very narrow roads, climbing high in the mountains or embracing fjords. Driving a regular-sized vehicle will come to you as a blessing.

Challenges of Campervan Hire in Norway

While Norway is undoubtedly a camper’s paradise, we found some challenges to be aware of for those considering campervan hire and temporary campervan life. 

  • First of all, the cost of living in Norway 💸 is relatively high, which can impact expenses such as campervan hire fees, fuel, road tolls, groceries, campsites and dining out. On the other hand, those coming from the USA, western Europe, Australia and similar, may find the prices very similar.

    Especially nowadays, when the Norwegian Krone is very weak 📉, the exchange rate will make your trip much more reasonable than it would have been a few years ago. Anyway, don’t expect to save money in Norway.

  • While slowly taking in everything mesmerizing around you, you may get lost in time. Since all the 🛒  shops are closed on Sundays you don’t want to forget that this day of the week is approaching. To simply conquer this challenge, make sure to be always stocked on food and drinks so you won’t be left hungry! 

  • Another challenging situation for the campervan road trip is 🌧️ bad weather in Norway. We are no utopians, the sun doesn’t shine for a whole summer in Norway. Come prepared for any kind of conditions.
    There’s a wonderful Norwegian saying – “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!”, and we absolutely agree.
    🎒 Follow our campervan packing list and don’t be one of the bad-clothed people.

  • Lastly, the biggest challenge is to find the courage to return the campervan back to the rental company. 😁 Funny? Real! Norwegian nature is one of the most glamorous ones in the world. Once you are out there, you don’t want your trip to ever find the end❣️

So. Is Norway Campervan friendly?

In conclusion, Norway is undeniably campervan-friendly, offering a wealth of opportunities to hire campervans in all parts of the country for unforgettable adventures amidst some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. From its well-equipped campsites to its awe-inspiring landscapes, Norway invites campervan travellers to embrace the spirit of exploration and immerse themselves in the wonders of the great outdoors.


So, if you’re considering a campervan hire adventure, look no further. Choose your campervan from the best-rated campervan rental in Norway, Benzini Campers.


We are looking forward to creating your lifetime memories!

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