Campervan packing list – what not to forget

campervan packing list

What to pack for a campervan trip

This essential campervan packing list for campervan hire contains items that you have already thought about but also the little details that will make your road trip much more enjoyable! It’s a relief that you don’t actually need so much because our campervans come with all the must-have essentials. Compared to camping in a tent, it’s so easy!

All practical items are included in a campervan rental

Kitchen equipment

  • pot
  • pan
  • cutlery
  • plates and bowls
  • wine opener
  • cups and wine glasses
  • knives
  • cutting board
  • french press
  • cooking gas


  • pillows
  • sleeping bags
  • linens

Cleaning equipment

  • dishwashing soap
  • dishwashing sponge or brush
  • dustpan and broom
bed in a campervan
Bedding in campervan Ganesh

Extras to make your trip special

Benzini Campers rental came up with interesting extras that are worth taking with you. To make the best of your campervan road trip in Norway, choose what you like and you will find it in a campervan once you pick it up. The extras are more or less items for an active holiday, like a drone or tent for sleeping in the mountains. All add-ons are possible to order during the booking process.

hammock by campervan
Take a hammock with you (© ENO Hammocks)

Campervan packing list for Norway

First of all, it is best to use a soft bag (NO HARD SUITCASES) so it easily fits anywhere in the car.

It’s nice to be minimalistic and bring only a small backpack, however, Norwegian weather is sometimes unpredictable and you must be prepared! Layering is the way how you dress up in Norway.

On the other hand, the sun is pretty strong here, so one piece of dress or shorts is never a bad idea during summer! Consider what you will really need on your campervan road trip and don’t forget you can buy things in Norway too.


  • driver licence (not digital version)
  • payment debit/credit card
  • ID card/passport
  • phone and charger

Personal care

  • sunscreen (the sun in Norway can be very strong!)
  • after-sun cream
  • shampoo
  • teeth-care 
  • insect repellent
  • hand sanitiser 
  • towels (also in our add-ons)
  • baby wipes (always handy)


  • hiking backpack
  • first aid kit
  • headlamp
  • reusable water bottle (drinkable tap water everywhere)
  • reusable shopping bag
  • AUX cable
  • chargers
  • camera
  • book
  • playing cards


  • windproof jacket
  • bubble jacket 
  • sweater
  • t-shirts (preferably fast-drying materials)
  • casual clothing (jeans, shirt)
  • hiking trousers
  • shorts
  • swimsuit
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • hiking shoes
  • everyday shoes
  • flip-flops (for camping showers)
  • comfortable clothes for evening and night in a campervan
  • underwear + socks
campervan packing list

What to leave at home

After 5 years in the campervan business, I witnessed many different approaches to travelling by campervan in Norway. Many guests come with just a hand luggage and many with huge and heavy suitcases. 

Wondering what’s inside when it’s so heavy, the answer was food. You might have heard Norway is an extremely expensive country. Even if it was that expensive would you bring your food and toilet paper from overseas?

  • Our guests usually don’t find Norway to be as expensive as they imagined in the end.
  • Actually, if you are from a western country, the prices will be very similar to those at your home. Why not taste something new?
  • I’m sure that you can afford to buy toilet paper in Norway (this might be also a matter of preference – I never asked)

Apps for campervan trip in Norway

Prepare yourself before the trip. There is a batch of helpful apps you can download for free and use during your road trip. Good advice is to go through them before your campervan road trip, get to know them and maybe create an itinerary. They will make your trip effective and stress-free. Google Maps is of course 🙂


This is probably the most popular app when looking for any kind of campervan spot for night. The spots are uploaded by travellers like you and us. It usually briefly describes the place and offers few pictures. Using this app you can find remote places, hidden spots, resting areas and camping grounds as well. Yes, remote places and hidden spots are what campervan rental offers. Thanks to the right to roam in Norway, you can park almost everywhere.

Tip: Become a member for free, so you can unlock all the spots available.

Outdoor active

This is your personal guide to the beautiful places known as well as the hidden ones. A detailed description of innumerable outdoor adventures, from family hikes, cycling tours to skiing – all in one place, together with a map is the luxury of the 21. century.

Norgeskart or

Hiking maps comes always in handy. My favourite is actually the Czech website. It has many options (driving, hiking, skiing, biking…), different types of the map and always finds my hike directions!


The most accurate weather forecast we have experienced. This Norwegian weather forecast must be the best for a road trip in Norway, isn’t it?! Look for any place in Norway or in the world and it will offer you rich information.

Sun Position

This is the cool one. We use it when we want to see a sunrise right from our campervan bed. Point your phone towards your view, you will see the surroundings through your camera and the app will add the sun and its trajectory!

mobile phone showing sun position app

My Aurora Forecast

The name doesn’t need much explanation. Only remember that in the summer you will not be able to see the aurora borealis because of the light – polar days. If you come to rent a campervan at the end of August or in September or of course in winter, this might be a very useful app to have with you.


Especially cities dispose of paid parking lots and usually, the payment is made through the EasyPark app. We find it much easier than paying the parking machine because you can easily adjust the parking time on your screen.

Thanks to our compact campervan rental, you can choose small size of a campervan and easily park in the cities. Do you know what are the other benefits of renting a small campervan?


Are you coming from abroad and don’t want to spend your money on the roaming fees (if there are some)? If you haven’t downloaded this communication app until now, you might give it a try. 


Probably you have this app already, however, don’t forget to download your favourite playlists so it’s available offline. What we recommend downloading is series of podcast, so you can use your time wisely while driving. It’s up to you! 🙂

man sitting under bessegen
Comfortable holiday under Bessegen (Jotunheimen)

You are welcome to pick from our additional extras, so you have a stress-free and comfortable holiday. We hope our packing list for your campervan road trip helped, so you can concentrate on the fun part now!