When is the best time to visit Norway?

Best time to visit Norway

When is the best time to visit Norway?

In a country of limitless opportunities and unique benefits, it’s hard to go wrong. Each season has its pros and cons and I will lead you through them all in this article. Why are late summer and September the best time to visit Norway on a campervan road trip? All you need to know to prepare yourself to travel in all seasons of the year! 

This article focuses on the area of southern Norway up to Trondheim, as conditions differ further north.

campervan between snow walls
Scenic Route Valdresflye between snow walls in March

Spring (March-May)


Nature is waking up after winter sleep and darkness, and life is coming back into everything around. Trees are blooming and smelling great and waterfalls are the strongest of the whole year. You can discover blooming fruit orchards by the fjords and later find a slope to ski. To travel Norway in spring means travelling in the low season when almost no tourists share the road with you. You can enjoy the peacefulness of each moment and place.


Some of the Scenic routes and other mountain roads might be still closed due to snow conditions. The latest opening of such roads is in June. You can find all information about route openings on the state roads website or on the Scenic routes official website.

Mountain paths are probably still wet and muddy and might be even covered by snow. Not the best for hiking, however, it is rather possible. Colours in nature are not there yet until mid-April. Yet after blooming starts, it’s hard to get off your hands from the camera. Temperatures are a bit chilly, especially during nights, but nothing horrible if you bring a dawn jacket and warm sweater.


Spring, especially April and May is a great time to visit Norway by campervan. Temperatures are reaching 20 (and even more) degrees, nature is in fresh colours and not many tourists are around. There is good availability in campervan rental companies and other services. If you will be in Norway on the 17th of May, you will experience our National Constitution Day which is truly a day to remember.

Why would I choose spring as the best time to visit Norway?

Because of the many faces that nature has at this time of the year. I can start on a beach and end up skiing. All only for me!

camping by the lake
Summer camping by Lovatnet lake

Summer (June-August)


Summer is always the most popular season to travel in. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Italy, Morroco or Norway. People have summer holidays, it’s warm and everything is running best of the whole year. You don’t have to worry about any roads being closed because of the snow or stormy conditions. Campsites, restaurants and visitor centres are open and welcome their guests mostly with good-smelling waffles. All the activities as kayaking, rafting, canyoning, climbing, ziplining, biking and so on are running 100% right in the summer. The weather has the highest chance to be good and warm, so you can hike freely and enjoy dinner outside.


Because of the above-mentioned pros, everyone thinks that summer is the best time to visit Norway. The country gets really crowded, especially in the most popular spots such as Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Geiranger and so on. There are queues everywhere, it takes even in the mountains hours to take a picture. Tickets for ferries might be sold out, guides for adventurous activities booked out and campgrounds full. Planning ahead is therefore crucial. Because of the high demand for everything during summer, the prices are at the highest levels.

The weather can’t be guaranteed and even summer months can be cold and rainy. Actually, summer 2022 was like that, however, May and September were the nicest months for travelling by campervan.

Tip: July is the month of joint holidays in Norway when it’s not only tourists but also locals travelling the country. The school holidays start in mid-June and end in mid-August.


If you don’t mind crowds, summer is a great time to come and experience Norway. If you plan to visit less popular spots, it’s even better. Everything is open, weather should be good. Bring sunscreen as the sun in Norway is strong! The availability of campervans to rent is very limited or no existing, so planning ahead is crucial.

Why would I choose summer as the best time to visit Norway? Because all the services are open and with good planning ahead, I can secure the best holiday, no matter what the weather!

autumn in Rondane NP
September - Rondane Scenic Route

Autumn (September-November)


The end of the summer and the beginning of the autumn is the best time to visit and travel Norway by campervan. The weather is comparable to summer months as it’s still warm and sunny. All the roads are open, there are fewer cars on them and ferries should be available right at your chosen time. The hiking paths are dry and a crucial amount of tourists is gone. Nature is changing into artists’ clothes as is getting ready to paint all the beautiful autumn colours. Some rain might occur, however, should be gone quickly again, with the rainbow waving him goodbye.


Looking at the second half of the autumn, from October to November, the weather is the main aspect of your days. Rain is more and more often, temperatures drop to zero at night and don’t exceed 15 degrees in the day. The days are getting shorter and shorter.

Because there are not many tourists anymore, some facilities are closed already in September. Whether it’s visitor centres, tourist shops or some of the camping grounds. 

Tip: Sauna is always a pleasant way to finish a day. What are the best saunas in Norway?


Late August together with September is the best month to travel Norway by campervan. The weather is still good, the crowds are gone and nature is the most beautiful. Later, temperatures drop and more rain comes. Not everything is open anymore, even campervan rentals close down around October/November. Until then, our campervan availability is good.

Why would I choose autumn as the best time to visit Norway?

Autumn is the best for me because it has a little from each season, but not winter (yet). Good availability, fewer tourists, locals are back to work, all mountain hikes possible, nice temperatures, roads open and the best of all the colours are incredible.

Chilling by the campervan after skiing
February - camping

Winter (December-February)


To travel Norway in winter is like travelling another country. The country is so much different compared to summer! There are Christmas lights literally everywhere, snow is covering the land, trees and lakes. Have I mentioned the northern lights? That’s a magical experience the further north the better! You can ski different mountains every day and enjoy a well-deserved sauna after. It’s all for you, some locals and wild animals around! 


It’s winter, so it’s cold and dark. Without a well-insulated campervan, it might not be so pleasant experience. Days are very short and dark until mid of January when they start getting longer again. Some of the Scenic routes are closed, together with camping grounds and many other facilities. It’s also hard to find a wild camping spot, as all is covered with snow. Most campervan rentals are closed for the winter. 


To travel Norway by campervan in winter is for those real outdoor people. If you are one of them, you will experience Norway dressed up in a white snow dress, chilling under the dancing northern lights. Prepare for some stormy weather, but for the strong winter sun too!

Why would I choose winter as the best time to visit Norway? Winter is definitely the time to go offline and enjoy the present moment. The calmness of the land, animals looking at me from behind the trees and winter activities are the reasons why.

what is the best time to visit Norway

To figure out when is the best time to travel Norway depends always on you the traveller. You know what you like and dislike, what you can accept and can not stand during your travels and what activities you want to do. The early autumn is definitely the most perfect time to travel Norway by campervan for us. You know the reasons. Will you join?