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  • May 24, 2020 09:27

Road trip in Norway - good to know before driving

Just rented a campervan and your next step is planning the rest of your road trip in Norway. There are definitely things needed to know before you drive. Big distances, low-speed limits, toll roads but spectacular roads indeed.


Don't underestimate the distances

What seems to be just around the corner, isn´t always that easy to reach in reality. The roads are curvy and speed limits low. Thanks to fjords and mountains you will find lots of bridges, tunnels and ferries not excluding. Check up on their schedule and prices beforehand. Essential might be mobile app rome2rio. Don´t hesitate to contact us for advice when renting a campervan.


Speed limits & fines

Driving fast is not worth anywhere, the least is in Norway. While driving around, signs will almost always tell you what speed limit applies on a certain road. Generally, it is:

  • 110 km/h - certain motorways or dual carriageways 
  • 80 km/h - outside of in-built areas
  • 50 km/h - in-built areas and city centres
  • 30 km/h - residential areas


Don´t break these rules for your safety, the safety of others and the safety of your wallet. Fines in Norway can be as high as listed below.









Toll roads

Soon you will find out that Norwegian roads are in very good condition and moreover intertwined by many tunnels (long up to 24,5 km - Lærdal) and bridges. Nothing is for free - that's the reason why drivers have to pay the tolls. 

We want to be fair with you, therefore you will pay only for the “bomstasjoner” you pass. You can calculate your expenses here. Each camper has its own Autopass - device that collects the passings. We will receive a check from tolling company and deduct the fee from your deposit.


Winter driving

Thanks to our carefully created campervans that keep you warm also during winter, you need to know a bit more. Some of the roads might get closed for whole winter, some are closed in certain periods. Check it out on the national road´s website before driving. The weather forecast will warn you about adverse conditions.




General information for driving

  • Every valid driving license is sufficient to use
  • drive on the right side
  • always have the lights on
  • easy with the brakes when riding downhill - to avoid overheating the brakes drive in low gear
  • kid safety seat must use children under 36 kilograms or 135 centimetres. 


Norwegian scenic routes

We know how beautiful this country is and we want you to know too. That's why a map of 18 most beautiful routes exist. Whether it is because of natural pureness or extraordinary architecture, it's absolutely worth driving around. Need a hint? We are here to give advice. 



This basic information will hopefully prepare you for driving your trip around Norway. Drive safe, plan a little bit and most importantly, enjoy your holiday as much as you can. Keep an eye on our blog, travel tips and tricks are coming out soon.