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  • November 8, 2020 20:38

Christmas voucher - a campervan road trip in Norway

Thinking about what Christmas gift is the best for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or what kind of gift suit best for your sister, brother, mum or dad? Material gifts don't stay long in our memories. We never recall getting a new Xbox for Christmas during family parties, but experiences in common we do. “Do you remember that funny moment from last summer holidays?”


It might be hard to surprise your loved ones under the Christmas tree this year because everything is so limited. One thing is for sure - nothing is for sure now. What people miss the most during the last six months is freedom. Freedom to go out freely, freedom to meet each other, to hug & most importantly freedom to travel.


Even if you want to travel, you might be afraid to book exact dates of your trip. That's one of the reasons we decided to offer you gift cards - vouchers you can use whenever it suits you.


You can purchase:

  • open dates (high season/off-season)
  • exact dates
  • long term
  • short term
  • any camper you like
  • credit voucher (recipient will choose how he/she will use the amount given)


This means, whatever comes to your mind as the best option, we will hear your wishes and will find the solution with you. 



  • prices depend on the season you wish to apply your voucher (Ex. If you purchase 7 days in high season but decide to come in low season, you can have extra days for the price difference.)
  • the voucher can be purchased by private message (e-mail, Messenger, Instagram, phone call…)


We will arrange a personalized voucher for you that can be printed out. The only thing you need to do is to send us a message and we will send you the voucher right after agreement. Don´t forget that we are open to help you to plan the trip.


Example of the gift card