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  • May 24, 2020 09:34

3 common fears of renting a camper

There is nothing to worry about, but we know you must have many questions before your first campervan experience. We did the best (according to us) solutions to connect comfort of driving and life in a campervan.

  • Will I manage to drive it?
  • Will I find a place to park?
  • How big camper do I need?

1. Afraid of driving a campervan?

One of the reasons why we have started to build custom campers and rent them out is, that others are huge and challenging to drive. We have carefully chosen the best sizes, so it is possible to sleep in them, sit up and store all your luggage while they are still compact sized.

The campers are not too long, neither too high and they are a little bigger than your usual car. The comfort of driving is connected with the comfort of living in Benzini Campers.

2. Place for overnight 

Norway is full of opportunities and one of them is right to roam everywhere in nature (Allemannsretten) as long as you show your respect back to nature. There are some general rules:

  • leave a spot as you would like to find it
  • keep at least 150 meters away from an inhabited area 
  • campfire close to or in a forest is prohibited from 15 April to 15 September
  • you may pick berries and mushrooms 
  • you may fish in saltwater for your own use without a licence 

If you wish to have a little more comfort or just need a shower, there are more than 1000 campsites to choose from. The real freedom is to find your own place and to try a little bit of adventure. Helpful might be park4night app where people, like you, share interesting spots they have found. There is always turn to the hidden road on your way that is not much used and leads to a nice secret place.

3. Size matters

How big camper do you need to rent is the question we can't answer. To get closer to the answer, consider:

How many are you? 

  • 1-2 persons - Perfect! Pick any van you like.
  • 3 persons - Ganesh is your only option now + you will need a tent for one person that you can find in our extras

Are you a confident driver?

  • No - Marco Polo, Mr White or Moby Dick are the best options for you. They are as big as your passenger car. Moby Dick is even with automatic transmission.
  • Yes - Ganesh is a little bit longer than others. Think twice when reversing.

Do you want to spend much time inside?

  • No - Marco Polo, Mr White or Moby Dick are good options for you. 
  • Yes - Ganesh is more spacious and it also provides home cinema.

Are you claustrophobic?

  • No - Pick any you like
  • Yes - None camper is that small that you should worry. But Ganesh is more spacious, so it may work for you better.


If you worry about anything else, you may find an answer to your question over our blog or simply chat with us on Messenger. No question is awkward and we will be happy to get in touch with you.